is this married guy too involved?
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2009-05-06 15:07:06 UTC
I have a married guy pal who I have known for awhile and in the past year he has been so involved in my life and my relationship and texts me everyday. He hasn't liked my boyfriend cuz he's very controlling and wants me to leave him and I'm trying and looking for a place to move but its not good enough and he thinks I'm not trying hard enough. He remembers everthing I tell him even from a year ago. Does it seem like he is a little too involved? In your opinion does it seem like he is into me?
Two answers:
2009-05-08 07:05:15 UTC
He sounds just as controlling as he says your boyfriend is... I say get away from both of them. lol
2009-05-06 22:16:28 UTC
He's probably just a really considerate friend who truly cares about you. He's doing what any trustworthy considerate friend would do, regardless of gender. It just seems like he is into you because you look too deeply into the fact that he is a guy. He's married afterall, so don't think too much of it and appreciate his concern! :)

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