how do you start your own website for your business?
2009-04-26 12:36:25 UTC
I have a yard service with my friends and we want to make a website. So how do we?
Two answers:
randy m
2009-04-26 13:16:08 UTC
I have 2 websites that were created with different formats. The first was a little harder because you need a little background in HTML code. You can get great help for this type of site from Kevin Riley over at Products Creation If you want to look at that example you can go to

The other was eaiser, created with You can see this example at Hope this will help.

2016-09-12 10:49:17 UTC
I've been walking my possess race save for three years now. a million. Simplify!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (or on your case, maintain it realistic) two. Don't promote luxuary models due to the fact they're hyper sensative to the marktet and you can cross insane. three. Contracts contracts contracts! For each and every little dull factor. People are going to check out to tear you off always. Make definite its in writing. four. Do It on your own or get no less than an extraordinary quantity of companions. If you could have just one companion, you are not able to alway agree on matters and you can impasse. Odd quantity of companions creates a democracy that's superb for selection making. five. Forget your existence due to the fact its all you are going to be doing any longer. It will possess you. 6. Don't begin a industry and paintings for any individual else. It's valued at it. I had the identical inspiration that I did not desire to paintings for any person. I'm burnt out. My target now's to promote the industry and paintings for who ever buys it. That might be rad. Good good fortune

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