Questions about the great state of TEXAS (moving there soon)?
2017-04-06 19:06:18 UTC
I am moving to Texas in the near future and I would like to ask some basic questions about living there. If you're from the Lone Star State or have ever been there and have story to tell, please join the discussion! I need all the help I can get :)

1. Why did you move to TX?

2. How hard/easy was it to find
- a place to live
- a job (what professions are sought after there?)
- school (universities & good school for kids)
- church
- friends (is it easy to make new friends, or does everyone stay friends with people they knew since there were kids?)

3. Where in TX do you live? City? Country side? and why?

4. Which city do you recommend? Houston, Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, El Paso, Fort Worth ... ? and why?

5. What do you miss from where you used to live? (That doesn't exist in TX)

6. Would you move back to Texas a second time?

7. What do you like, dislike, love & hate most about ... ?
- the people
- weather
- culture
- politics
- religion
- simply living there
- etc.

8. If you have anything else to add, please do.

Thanks a ton!
Six answers:
2017-05-30 00:00:15 UTC
Its a wasteland
2017-04-27 22:52:06 UTC
I love Texas, was born and raised here, the only other place I would like to live is Arkansas.
2017-04-07 12:49:19 UTC
1: the Navy told us to move there

2: houses were being put on the market on Friday and were being rented/sold by Monday. the only reason we got the one we ultimately chose was because the other 4 people who also put in a bid had worse credit and no BAH( basically a guarantee that the rent will be paid). he had a job lined up before we got there. we were in San Antonio and there are a lot of good schools at all levels. Church was of zero interest to us. everyone is friendly, but I would classify them as remote. as in, wave to each other as we mow the lawn but thats about it.

3. San Antonio. loved it there

4: where ever you have a job lined up BEFORE you move that will pay for all your living expenses in a decent neighborhood.

5: Salt potatoes and Enteman's breakfast pastries.

6: in a heartbeat

7: the triple digits in the summer were tough to get used to even without humidity. the ants and wolf spiders I could live without.

8: live OUTSIDE of the main city in a suburb or bedroom community. plan your commute so that you are either driving without the sun in your face in either direction, or so that you are going against prevailing traffic. travel time is measured in HOURS, not miles. while the cities themselves are fairly easy to navigate( once you figure out the little 'side' roads that actually connect you to the highways) the distances between them are brutal. Bucees is a State Treasure.
2017-04-06 20:22:20 UTC
Lived in Houston - actually "Mission Control" by Clear Lake City - in 1968, which was high school for me. Been back once about 10 years ago. Been all over west Texas besides that - Dallas, Austin, even Amarillo. I hope to never go back, which isn't anything negative about it - just been there, done that.
Dave B.
2017-04-06 19:47:48 UTC
I've lived in Texas for nearly 20 years. I moved here (from Oklahoma) to go to school, then I joined the army for specialized job training, and got stationed in Texas by chance, and when I got out I intended to stay in Texas to find work. I did. I have a great job, and I'm very happy.

I live in Killeen, which is not a great city, but not terrible. Size-wise, it's between small town and big city, which I like. Being an army town, there are not a lot of professional-level jobs here that are not supporting the military. I am a contractor for the military, working in satellite communications.

Texas is a sufficiently large state that you can pretty much get the experience you would find in any state in the Union, depending on what part you move to. Austin is very liberal, and DFW is not far behind. Most of the big cities are fairly liberal, and most of the rural communities are quite conservative, probably what you are used to. Overall, the population of Texas is about 60% conservative, though there are not as many die-hard conservatives or liberals as you might expect. Whatever your political beliefs, there are parts of Texas that you would fit into comfortably.

People in Texas are generally friendly, even to people who are "not like them." Friendliness is generally at a neighborly smalltalk level, somewhere between the "I'm too busy to talk to you" of busy coastal states, and "I just met you, tell me your life story" of the northern midwest.

Religion is at about the same level. We have our share of everything from atheists to religious zealots. Mostly Christian, as you would guess, but plenty of other religions too. It typically isn't a thing that causes conflict here.

The weather in the state varies greatly, depending on where you are. I live in Central Texas "hill country," which despite the name is rather flat and rocky. It gets hot here, and very humid. The winters are fairly mild, but we have some below-zero days most years. Other parts of Texas are very green with beautiful forests, and obviously the climate gets warmer the further south you get, and cooler the further north you are.

The economy of Texas is overall very good. We have plenty of work opportunities here, but more professional jobs are available in the bigger cities and surrounding areas. Our cost of living is outstanding throughout 90% of the state. In the big cities (especially Austin), real estate gets quite expensive, though not at California levels. We do not have a state income tax, but we do have a sales tax, 8.25% in most areas.

For somebody moving here, I would recommend you find a job in or near a big city (if it's a fairly high-paying job), and live in a suburb of one of those cities, say with a 30 minute commute or so. That will keep your rent from being too exorbitant, and will keep you out of inner city slums. Traffic in Austin is horrendous. DFW gets heavy traffic as well, but not as bad most days. I can't speak for Houston or San Antonio. El Paso is a mostly slummy city, very hot and dry, and I do not care for it.
2017-04-06 19:33:32 UTC
Its a wasteland

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