We are spending 6wks on a Road Trip across the USA... What do you recommend?
2005-12-14 21:40:40 UTC
Me and my Girlfriend are spending 6 weeks crossing the USA from Los Angeles to New York in April/May 2006.

We are trying to do this on a budget!!

Where do you recommend I go? And how?
Two answers:
B. Gibson
2005-12-14 22:07:13 UTC
I did something similar last year.

1. The Four Corners area of Arizona/Colorado/New Mexico/Utah are great. I especially recommend the Grand Canyon, Walnut Canyon, and the Petrified Forest. (Of course, we are from East Coast so this may be boring to you.)

2. Mount Rushmore was also awesome for us. Devil's Monument is in this area as well as Spearfish Canyon and Deadwood. Plus, just to the north is the Painted Canyon.

3. Chattanooga Tennessee if you like Civil War Battlefields. Mammouth Cave, Kentucky is not too far from Chattanooga, and Memphis is on the way.

These are the three that I enjoyed the most, but my wife and I like natural wonders more than man made ones, so someone elses favorites may be more to your liking.
2005-12-17 07:35:59 UTC
Make sure you hit Seattle Washington, the space needle is better to see in person than anywhere else.

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